Android Apps and Web-Apps
developed by Ingo Schendel

[EN] Web Apps and Android Apps and Hybrids

Differences and Similarities

Native Apps:
* For phones and tablets most people prefer native apps - in Android the most preferred programming language is Java.
* Native Android apps are fast and have a good performance and can use all ressources on a phone or tablet.
* On the other side they cannot run in a web browser and you have to develop a different app for every operation system you want to run (e.g. Android or Apple devices).

Web Apps
* Web Apps run in a browser like "normal" web sites - nearly on all devices.
* You call an URL and do not have to install something.
* On the other side a Web Apps might be slower.
* You need to be online to use them and cannot use all ressources of mobile device.

Hybrid Apps.
* Hybrid Devices can overcome the limitationis of Web Apps and Native Apps - or can combine their disadvantages.

Molecular Evolution

[EN] Molecular Evolution - An OpenUI5 Web App developed by me: Advances in the field of the Molecular Evolution of life have changed the sight on early life on planet earth. And new deep insights give hope to find extraterrestrian life in our own solar system at place where no men has been before.
The most notable protagonist in this field is Prof. William F. Martin ( at the department of Molecular Evolution, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany (HHU).
All content of the presented papers is intellectual property of Prof. William F. Martin, his co-authors and the copyright holders. The app is not provided officially by the HHU but programmed by Ingo Schendel as a free Software Developer and Open Data Evangelist. "Molecular Evolution" is a project of No costs, no ads, no commercial interest. The App uses open data sources and it respects your privacy.
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[DE] "Molecular Evolution" wird nur in Englisch angeboten.

Science Research

[EN] Science Research - Another OpenUI5 Web App developed by me: Research Open Science Articles and Journals in the Directory Of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Your queries are anonymized via self developed proxy services. Search in specific fields of the records and use operators like "AND" and "OR" and brackets (...) to create complex queries on the data. Sometimes links in the DOAJ records can be broken or do not point to the article any longer. In this case helps my integrated Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo Search for outdated links to articles and journals!
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[DE] "Science Research" wird nur in Englisch angeboten.

Radio BRD Podcasts

[DE] Mit der nativen Android App 'Radio BRD Podcasts' können Sie die Sendungen und Themenschwerpunkte des Deutschlandfunks (und Deutschlandfunk Kultur und Deutschlandfunk Nova) online nachhören oder herunterladen. Suchen Sie einen Kanal aus und hören Sie die Einzelbeiträge und Sendungen des Kanals in der Reihenfolge, wie sie vom Sender gesendet wurden - die jeweils neuesten zuoberst. Oder hören Sie sich die Live-Streams der Sender an - in hoher Klangqualität oder optimiert für eine langsame Internet-Verbindung.
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[EN] Android App Radio BRD Podcasts is available in German only

GE Event Explorer

[DE] Der GE-Event Explorer ist beides: Eine Web App, die man im Browser laden kann und eine hybride Android App. Bleiben Sie mit dem GE Event Explorer auf dem Laufenden über Events und Termine im schönen Gelsenkirchen. Entweder Sie bookmarken die Web Seite oder sie installieren Sie die Android App. Mehr Infos gibt es auf!
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[EN] GE Event Explorer is available in German only